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The Benefits of Zero Balancing

Zero Balancing (otherwise known as ZB) promotes a deep sense of physical and emotional harmony, allowing our innate natural healing process to work more effectively. Zero Balancing benefits a wide range of people and has extensive applications in health and personal development. 


People who receive Zero Balancing may also move into new states of awareness from which old patterns and habits in the body and mind are more readily released. This can manifest as noticeable changes in the way physical structure and movement are experienced, or as a shift in the inner landscape so that new opportunities and choices become apparent.


ZB induces a state of deep rest that allows you to feel truly relaxed, renewed and recharged. Providing a foundation for continued good health, ZB helps people restore their bodies and minds back to a more balanced state of health and wellbeing.  With the release of tension from the body and mind we breathe, move and function better. A ZB session helps to bring us back to the feeling of wellness that is already within us. A helping hand gently and respectfully supporting a return to what is innate and within, giving optimal conditions for health and wellbeing in its physical, mental, emotional & spiritual dimensions.


Pain relief

Body pain can occur where energy flow through our body becomes restricted, blocked or weakened, which can occur in areas of tension or overuse. By aligning the densest tissues of the bones and joints with the energy flowing through them, Zero Balancing facilitates the dissolution of limiting and uncomfortable patterns, thereby releasing the client’s energy back into them.  As it touches both body and mind it can ease discomfort arising from distress on many levels, clearing, calming and nurturing an experience of peaceful harmony within yourself.


Flexibility & Posture

The gentle but firm touch brings about a return of flexibility, encourages good posture and clears stiffness which enhances movement and joint stability in a richly restorative way. The sensitivity of touch used in Zero Balancing returns us to ourselves whilst simultaneously opening to an awareness of a centred presence in the world. 

To be well aligned, settled & comfortable in our body enhances the quality of life and our everyday experience.


Stress Reduction & Anxiety

Disproportional and dysregulated responses to internal and external stimuli mean we can get caught in cyclic feedback loops of tension, stress and more tension. 

It is possible for acute and developmental trauma to be held in memories and subconscious tension patterns in the body. ZB gently introduces new stimulus, feelings, clearer fields of energy through skilled conscious touch that allow the perpetual dysfunction of patterns to be released.  An opportunity to re-balance, reorganise and release excess tension that can result in a deeply connected embodied expression of one's authentic self. 


Transition & Change

Zero Balancing can facilitate the release of outdated mental habits and patterns of emotional responses. Unresolved issues from our personal history may be held in the body and act as obstacles to personal development. ZB can help access and clear these obstructions, strengthening our ability to adapt to change and to reconnect with our essential selves.


Creativity & insight

It is frequently acknowledged that our perception of apparently insoluble situations or creative blocks can radically change when we gain access to deep levels of integration and rest within our minds and bodies. Managers, business people, as well as artists, from composers to dancers, have found Zero Balancing valuable in the discovery of new solutions, or aiding a return to the creative flow of inspiration. As Zero Balancing addresses the whole body it helps the realisation and subsequent manifestation of beneficial change.

Flexibility posture
Stress & Anxiety
Creativity & Insight
Transiion & Change
Pain Relief
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