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I have had ZB on and off for around twelve years now and was introduced to Harry from my previous practitioner who relocated.

I was very sceptical of ZB when I first started receiving treatment, but after just 3 sessions it’s impact was unbelievable. A true feeling of unravelling mind and body, whilst also rebuilding a fundamental and profound connection between mind and body.

Harry is warm and welcoming and makes you feel immediately relaxed. His approach is exactly what I needed to continue my ZB journey and continue to gain the benefits of ZB. The deeply relaxing, calm and gentle treatment really is transformative. I sleep so peacefully after I have had ZB and feel so connected with myself. I would highly recommend Harry, and Zero Balancing, it really is powerful.

Chartered Accountant

Kevin, Golf Fitness Coach

I've felt clearer about what I want to do since my first ZB session with Harry. I also understand more how my thoughts and emotions are affecting my body and are a part of my physical tension rather than being purely muscle tightness. I'm looking forward to more sessions and I really like how I don't have to do or think about anything in particular to gain the benefit of the practice.


Kirsty, Independent Dance Manager

ZB is hard to describe, but what I do know is it is like no other therapy I have encountered. Having experienced ZB over a long period of time, I have to say that each session brings with it a deeper connection to my sense of well-being emotionally and physically.  It has helped me deal with grief, loss of direction in my life and above all slow down and reconnect with myself. ZB has played a huge role in making me reconnect with who I am. Harry is an excellent and skilled practitioner who creates a space I feel safe and able to thrive in.

In short, life can be quite stressful and I have suffered with recurring back pain issues for years now. I first started to goto Harry for massage treatments and have benefited greatly from his deeply relaxing, gentle and skillful approach. I was skeptical to begin with when Harry started to introduce me to Zero Balancing but I quickly felt the effects of ZB and have become a convert. ZB has become my go-to bodywork approach and remaining clothed throughout feels appropriate and comfortable, especially in winter.

Joe, Retired Teacher and Volunteer

I have known Harry for 20 plus years and know him to be a person of integrity and kindness with healthy boundaries underpinned by values of inclusion and generosity. The massage I received from Harry was one of the factors involved in my training as a Bodyworker and have been in practice for ten years. More recently I received ZB from Harry, subtle yet deeply relaxing I later discovered that I felt more alive, and rejuvenated. If you are seeking a bodyworker, rest assured, you have the very good fortune to find yourself in caring, and very competent hands.



Michael, Owner Keystone Therapies

I got onto Harry’s table feeling old and stooped, I’d had a few health problems that lead to painful knees hips and back. The moment I stepped onto the floor from the table I could feel it throughout my body that I was being held up in a whole and resilient way. My posture was higher in frame and my movements felt more natural and unencumbered. 

I sensed such a physiological certainty in my bones that I immediately felt compelled to raise one leg into the air, and just as my intuition suggested I would, I simply stood tall on the other leg without tremor or imbalance. 

Harry’s therapeutic touch is a precious gift.

Jonaththan, Mystic

From an early age I was into extreme sports and adventures.  Rock climbing, white water rafting, jet skiing, high ropes and if it was adrenaline fuelled I wanted to give it a go. In 2001 at the age of 27 I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.  It was a devastating blow and for quite some time I couldn’t even walk, let alone climb. I tried many conventional and alternative treatments over the years looking for a cure and whilst each were successful, they were very short lived. Often the pain and fatigue returned with a far worse vengeance than prior to the treatment. 

 Harry’s website spoke to me and from my first meeting, I felt at ease and peaceful.  Harry has such a calming and relaxing 

manner and although my first session felt alien, it was also what my body had been longing for. I felt a huge sense of relief 

and left floating out of the building.  I have enjoyed more sessions and each one I leave feeling lighter and calmer and the effects each time last longer. 

If you are struggling with emotional or physical pain, I truly believe that Zero Balancing with Harry will assist in your return to full and vibrant health. 


I approached my first Zero Balancing session with an open mind and with no particular expectations. Giving myself the gift of a ZB on my Birthday, my experience was quite emotional, almost dreamlike as I reconnected to my sense of simplicity, wonder and joy. Something I feel gets buried and lost in my roles and responsibilities at work and in life.  I feel like I have found everything I had lost about myself as a result of the ZB and Harry provided a safe, non-judgemental space to facilitate this transformation for me. I think I am less concerned with doing things the right way, instead I’m feel more able to show up for life and love more - myself included.  The most wonderful revelation I discovered is that it is enough to simply [be] and with that comes a growing sense of calm and lightness in my being.

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