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Image courtesy of Jared @vital.traditions

Being Zero Balanced
A ZB Session

Each Zero Balancing session is unique and can last between 30 and 45 minutes depending on what your needs and requirements are. Appointments are generally scheduled in a hourly time frame, which gives an opportunity to have a chat at the beginning of the session, including a period of integration to close your session. During our chat especially on our first meeting, I will invite you to share any useful information about your current state of health. We will also talk about what you would like to get out of your session. This could be something to do with easing pain in your physical body or around your emotions. You may be in a period of transition and wanting to feel more grounded and secure in yourself, or you may feel a little lost, looking for clarity and a renewed sense of purpose. Your frame for the session will be unique to you.  

You will then be invited to lay fully clothed facing upwards, on the bodywork table for the remainder of the session. ZB facilitates states of deep rest and rejuvenation as the ZB'er works to evaluate and balance the flow of energy through your body structure. Using gentle finger pressure and stretches that can feel pleasurable as your body relaxes & releases held tension. 


ZB is underpinned by a wonderfully efficient sequence of techniques and principles that mark the beginning, middle and end of a session. Starting at the feet we progressively work up the body addressing key areas of tension at the pelvis, ribs, shoulders, neck, head and arms. This is one of the characteristics & hallmarks of ZB in its design to work with the whole of you and not just individual parts. Then sweeping back down the body to the feet in an integrating closing sequence to bring our session to a close. After a short rest you will then be invited back off the table to stand and walk, further integrating the session both structurally and energetically.


As clients return to receive ZB they start to become more familiar with the protocol, which allows for a continuation and deepening of the work and the clients experience. Therefore we recommended a series of three sessions to begin with.


Some people continue to have ZB sessions regularly, whilst others find ZB most beneficial at key times they need it most. For example during times of crisis, stress and transitional periods.

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