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I am passionate about discovering and providing access to innovative, effective and authentic approaches to health & wellbeing and I have found Zero Balancing to be one such approach.  Receiving ZB facilitated welcome change, healing & renewal in myself and helped me in many ways. ZB assisted in my recovery from a debilitating back injury as well as offering me a safe and supportive way to begin processing grief following my father’s death. I have found ZB highly effective as an ongoing support to my general health & wellbeing as well as allowing me to embrace and determine change, living life in deep accord with the things I value most.


I have felt called to do many things in life including living as a monastic in a Buddhist community, supporting adults with learning & physical disabilities, contemporary dance performance & teaching and funeral celebrancy. They all contribute to my ZB practice and have a recurring theme of the movement and affirmation of life.  


I Initially completed my vocational dance training in 1991 at the 'NSCD' in Leeds, a member of the National Conservatoire for Dance & Drama.  I returned in 2010 to complete an MA in dance composition; 'solo forms & the self construct'.  My extensive movement education, in-depth knowledge and body awareness informs the way I practice Zero Balancing.

My long-held Interest in the healing arts began in my early teens where I discovered Lao Tzu and the Dao De Ching. This was in conjunction with learning Martial Arts, Lau gar & Wing Chun Kung Fu specifically. My bodywork interest began whilst working in dance companies where massage and touch were ways to not only keep on top of injury but also to feel nurtured. I got so into massage that I decided to train in holistic therapeutic massage in 1998 at the Body-Wise Natural Health Centre in London. Discovering Zero Balancing proved to be the perfect marriage and integration of all my previous interests and vocations.


My aim through Zero Balancing is to continue to support others and facilitate their journey towards a balanced, rewarding & fulfilling life.​ 

Harry Theaker MA MFHT

My name is Harry and I’m a certified practitioner of Zero Balancing (ZB), as well as a holistic massage therapist. As one of only two ZB practitioners in Sheffield and the Yorkshire region, please see my associates page. I’m excited to share this unique touch therapy with you

About me

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