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  • What do I wear?
    Please wear the clothing you feel comfortable in. Loose clothing is reccomended for your comfort and ease, ensuring belts, shoes be removed prior to the session starting. Do bring a cardigan or light fleece to wear should you start to feel cold.
  • Will I need more than one session
    It's a great question, generally speaking we reccomend a series of three sessions, perhaps weekly to begin with. This will give greater opportunity for the work to deepen, as you become more familiar, rested and settled. It is quite possible for their to be an accumulation of effects and benefits, which can amplify over time with ongoing sessions. However I would encourage you to experience a Zero Balancing session first, then trust what your body's wisdom tells you. It is only you who will know how many sessions and how often. A periodic ZB session can be like a nurturing best friend, something to return to time and time again. Afterall it is realy 'you' who you return to through the lens of ZB. ZB sits alongside other restorative, awareness practices like Feldenkrais, Yoga, Mindfulness etc and I believe the potential for change is infinate.
  • When is ZB not useful?
    With a broad range of applications Zero Balancing is gentle and accesible to many. However there are a few conditions we have cautions around and are unable to effectively work with you until that changes. The contraindication are as follows: I recommend that clients who are acutely ill, who are recovering from a recent bone fracture or surgery (allow two to thre months), or in the first trimester of pregnancy do not receive Zero Balancing. In addition there are a small number of other long-term, high stress or deficiency illnesses that could be contraindicated for Zero Balancing, for example, unstable epilepsy, and other neurological conditions. I will be happy to discuss your personal circumstances and advise you accordingly. Please ensure by the time of your appointment you will not be influenced by drugs including alcohol. Zero Balancing works in conjunction with other conventional & alternative medical therapies and is not a sole substitute for it.
  • I feel great already, what can ZB offer me?"
    Zero Balancing very much facilitates the optimal conditions for you to be well and at your best. Even when we feel good already, theres always room for improvement right? In fact I encourage you to pay attention to yourself before any chronic issues manifest. Why wait to nurture yourself deeply and try something new? ZB isnt a quick fix option of recovery but a tranquil process of healing and an invitation into deeper relationship with yourself & the world around you.
  • Is ZB suitable for everyone?
    Enter your answer here
  • Is ZB strenuous
    The distinct lack of efforting and therefore strain is part of what makes a ZB session unfold effectively. Are we not all carrying enough strain & tension in our lives, our roles, responsibilities and specific challenges of day to day existence. ZB assists in the release of held tensions that take a toll on our physical, mental and emotional health & wellbeing. Tensions not released can build to inhibit our vital energy flow and positive sense of self.
  • Does my ZB practitioner need to know my medical history?
    Although Zero Balancing is non-diagnostic, it is important for me to understand your history of surgeries, illnesses, accidents, and injuries in order to ensure I can work safely with you. On arrival for your first Zero Balancing session we will talk together about any relevant information along with what you'd like to get out of your session. Should you wish to speak with me prior to booking a session, then you're most welcome to contact me.
  • How much does a session cost?
    Hourly Zero Balancing session - 50 pounds (Recommended) Schedule a series of three sessions with no use by date Shorter top up ZB sessions - 30 minutes - 30 pounds
  • Im already recieving other treatments, can I still come for a ZB?"
    ZB can work very well in conjunction with other modalities. A multi disciplinary approach to ones health and welbeing is reccomended. Lets have a chat about what your current context and treatment protocol is, I'll be happy to advise you.
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