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Be Your Self Workshop - 23rd April 2022

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

I've been participating in a new initiative created by Meher Engineer, our Teacher and ZBUK faculty member. We are now reaching the end of the Associate Teacher Training Program.

A small collective of Zero Balancers have been meeting regularly over the past year to explore how to facilitate an understanding of the natural principals we utilise in ZB Bodywork, in ways that are relevant & applicable to our everyday lives.

Finally we all gathered for a final weekends training hosted by Stella at Archway Health & Wellbeing. This was such a nourishing experience both in the classroom and kitchen, needless to say we ate very well and I remembered how wonderful living in community can be.

James of inner-flow and myself are looking forward to co-teaching a workshop, which brings together all that we've been learning and exploring on the ZB Associate Teacher Training Program. We can now confirm the Location, date & time of the workshop.

The Be Your Self Workshop

Saturday 23rd April 10am - 1pm

7A Fir Street

Sheffield S63TG

For more details and registration

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