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Harry Theaker
Zero Balancing 

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Explore your potential to move, function and feel better

Live life with greater ease, poise and purpose 

Considered a leading edge in body-mind therapies, Zero Balancing integrates a Western scientific approach to the body alongside an Eastern understanding of energy, healing and transformation.


Zero Balancing is a gentle and powerful hands-on bodywork system that affects the whole person by working with the deepest physical structure of the body, bones, joints and other soft tissues and the energy that flows through them. Skilled therapeutic touch addresses unconscious tension patterns held in the body that contribute to pain, limitation & suffering and can produce lasting change.



Zero Balancing's many benefits include:

  • enhanced feelings of vitality & wellbeing

  • improved posture & physical function

  • relief of the symptoms of stress

  • reduced physical and emotional pain

  • strengthened resiliency and self-actualisation


  • greater clarity and cognitive ability 

A recent study on the effects of receiving Zero Balancing confirm a significant 61% reduction in stress levels along with the clear correlation between reduced stress, less tension and expanded states of consciousness.

Zero Balancing Touch Foundation

Neuro Synchrony Institute, 2017

Skilled Conscious Touch    Personal Transformation     Wellness

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Zero Balancing And You

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Enhance current states of health and wellness through continued self care & nurture

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Creativity & Insight

Allow greater freedom of thought and enhanced creativity

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Flexibility & Posture

Encourage postural alignment, clear stiffness & increase flexibility in a richly restorative way


Transition & Change

Become unstuck, strengthen the ability to adapt to change & navigate life with greater ease

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Stress & Anxiety

Gain fresh perspective and a renewed ability to engage with life's challenges

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Pain Relief

Address the root causes and ease the symptoms of physical & emotional pain

Read more about the Benefits of ZB 

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